4 Ways a Waste Dewatering Container Can Help Your Business

Do you have a great deal of liquid waste to dispose of regularly? If so, this can present a wide range of problems, but there is a solution to many of these issues. When you use a dewatering container from Aqua-Zyme, you will notice several immediate benefits. Here are 4 reasons to consider one of these units today:

1. Waste Disposal Costs

If you pay to have your liquid waste hauled off, it can get expensive. Not only that, liquid waste disposal costs continue to rise, and companies must maintain trucks, equipment, and pay employees to pick up waste and properly dispose of it. If your liquid waste is two percent solids, you can see how much less you will have to dispose of after dewatering.

2. Lessen Your Environmental Impact

A roll-off dewatering container from Aqua-Zyme separates water from solids. After the separation, the liquid can be drained into a local sewer system. By not paying for liquid waste disposal, less fuel is burned in the transporting process. It’s also possible to turn some solid waste materials into compost, and this helps to put important nutrients back into the soil.

3. Easier Waste Management

When you have less solid waste to deal with, your waste management program becomes easier to handle. You do not have to be concerned with overfull holding tanks because you are treating the liquid waste on-site. This creates a cleaner and safer environment for you and your employees.

4. Increase Profits

If you cut waste disposal costs, you raise profits. However, when you use dewatering container products from Aqua-Zyme, you can treat your liquid waste and also treat waste for customers. This is an excellent way to increase your business services without making a lot of changes or major investments. To learn about more benefits from Aqua-Zyme, call us today at 979-245-5656.