Biosolids Dewatering – A Hygienic, Cost-Efficient Waste Disposal Method

The proper disposal of liquid waste is a very important. Liquid waste is made by every business and household, and it can be produced in very large amounts. Because liquid waste often contains a lot of toxins and chemicals, it is highly important that it is not allowed to leak out into local lakes, streams, or aquafers. With the process of biosolids dewatering, liquid sludge can be greatly reduced and disposed of in simple, environmentally friendly means.

What Is Biosolids Dewatering?

Biosolids Dewatering is a process whereby the solids in sludge are separated out from the liquid. The liquid is pressed out and filtered until it is water that is safe to run out into the sewers without causing contamination. The remaining solids, are then compressed into a dry cake. That can be safely composted, or disposed of in a landfill. A biosolids dewatering system unit can be mobile or stationary.

The Benefits of Using Biosolids Dewatering

One of the biggest benefits of the biosolids dewatering process is that it significantly reduces the amount of waste that needs to be disposed of. Instead of many gallons of liquid waste that would to be pumped, stored, and shipped at a great expense, you now have only a small quantity of solid waste to dispose of. In addition, having the sludge dewatered reduces the foul smells associated with liquid waste. When you buy a biosolids dewatering system, it will save a lot of money, and you can even begin profiting by offering dewatering services to others. Contact Aqua-Zyme today to learn what biosolids dewatering system will work best for you.