Discover The Many Advantages of Owning Dewatering Equipment

If your company creates a lot of waste, then you probably have wished that there was an easy, cost-effective way to dispose of it. The need to dispose of large amounts of waste correctly is more important than ever before. If you are tired of paying a lot of money to dispose of your waste, want to be a positive influence on the environment, and even bring in some extra income, then buying dewatering equipment is an excellent idea.

What Is Dewatering Equipment?

Liquid sludge actually has a small percentage of solids combined with what would normally be sewer-suitable water. Dewatering equipment is a special system that separates the liquids from the solids in liquid sludge. Normally, liquid sludge would not be safe to run through the sewers, due to all the toxins it contains, including chemicals, grease and fat that can build up and eventually cause blockage and leaking in sewer systems. Often, liquid sludge is spread out to dry so that it can be disposed of more thoroughly, but this takes up a lot of space, can be a long process. Dewatering filters out all of the water in the sludge, leaving behind the solid materials. The water can then flow into the sewer, while the solid waste can be properly disposed based on what it contains.

Why Get Dewatering Equipment?

Setting up a dewatering unit on your property can save you a lot of money. A dewatering system is easy to use, and maintain. No longer will you have to pay fees to landfills to dispose of large amounts of sludge. You can even make some extra money by dewatering sludge for other companies. However, make sure that you get all the proper approval and permits.