Grease Trap Disposal – Benefits Explained

You want to dispose of your grease. Unfortunately, your local municipality is allowing fewer gallons than before. Additionally, your county had banned land application of such waste. Instead of these old options, you should consider utilizing a grease-trap waste system.

What is a Grease Trap Disposal System?
A grease trap waste system is a process that recycles grease into various products.

What Products Can Be Made with Grease?
Grease trap waste can be converted into fuel. In fact, it is one of the most feasible sources of biofuel for the future. Using state-of-the-art processes, waste grease can be converted into biodiesel, which can then be used to power vehicles, and equipment. This can all be done locally, without harmful drilling, or expensive importation of foreign oil. In short, biodiesel production from waste grease is environmentally friendly, and sustainable.

Grease waste can also be dewatered into compostable solids. Using traditional land application of grease, the leaves of the plans are usually killed, due to suffocation. While the plants do recover, yields are temporarily reduced. Composted grease avoids this pitfall, as it is incorporated to the soil, rather than applied to the plants. This results in greater yields.

Why Should You Hire Grease Trap Disposal Professionals?
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency 527 regulations have deeply impacted the pumping industry’s ability to manage grease-trap waste. Presently, these regulations require that an audit-trail exist regarding the following information: gallons discharged, gallons pumped, and the discharge location.

Professionals involved with grease trap waste services have been properly educated regarding this industry. Thus, these professionals are able to help you to determine and to use the best grease trap waste services that are available to you. Aqua-Zyme will navigate the complex regulations for you, meaning that you can concentrate on keeping your business running.

Additional Benefits
Our grease trap disposal equipment comes already assembled, and ready for use upon delivery. Additionally, our systems can be shipped quickly, usually within a few weeks of the order. With Aqua-Zyme’s grease trap disposal systems, sludge levels can be reduced 95%.

Choose Aqua-Zyme
Utilize your grease, and stay compliant with environmental regulations. Make the investment into a grease trap disposal system from Aqua-Zyme. We will help you make your residual grease useful, and remain compliant with EPA regulations. A grease trap disposal system is one of the best investments you can make for your company.

Contact Aqua-Zyme today, we’re the grease trap disposal service you can trust!