Grease Trap Disposal for a Cleaner, Safer Environment and Cost Savings

Many of America’s favorite foods are cooked in grease or hot oil. While these delicious foods satisfy taste buds everywhere, a big issue for restaurants, and other businesses in the food industry, is how determining how they are going to dispose of their waste grease and fat. These substances can cause a lot of damage to the environment if they are not taken care of properly, so you can see why this is such a big deal. The good news is, with proper grease trap disposal, these issues can be resolved safely, easily, and quickly.

The Importance of Grease Trap Disposal

If fats and grease are washed into the sewers, they can still build up on the interior walls of the pipes. This can cause blockages, and even leaking. This new method of grease trap disposal is becoming more highly acclaimed because it costs less of an impact on the environment and is overall easier to maintain and run.

How It Works

Using a special dewatering system from Aqua-Zyme, it is possible to separate grease, fats, and oils from your grease-trap sludge. Once the water has been separated from the solids, it is completely safe to run into the sewers, and the solid waste can be composted, or disposed of in a land fill. This process is quick, environmentally friendly, and cost effective. Contact us today to learn more about how you can dispose of your grease-strap sludge through using our services.