How Septic Systems Work

If your home or business is on a septic system, you have to take special care of it, and you will need to contact septic pumping services periodically. A septic system is not like a public sewer system. It acts as its own waste treatment and disposal plant. Knowing the basics of how septic systems work can help you get the best functionality, and lifespan out of yours. Let’s look at the fundamentals of septic systems.

From Tank to Drain Field

All the drains in your business or home empty into your septic tank. The tank is located underground, and most are made from concrete. Waste enters at the top, where the drain pipe elbows down into the tank. Inside the tank, billions of tiny bacteria go to work, breaking down the solids.

While the solids are trapped in the tank, wastewater is allowed to flow out, where it enters a drain field. Some fields are specially made for drainage, and others contain gravel. Both systems filter the wastewater, and let it slowly enter the ground.

The Importance of Septic Pumping Services in Matagorda

Bacteria in your tank cannot breakdown all the solids, and some sludge will be left behind. This sludge slowly collects at the tanks bottom. Over time it needs to be removed. If the tank gets too full of sludge, it can no longer filter waste. When this happens, you risk backflow into you house. Obviously, it is imperative that you never get to this point.

Aqua-Zyme’s Septic pumping services can come to your Matagorda, home or place of business, and pump out the sludge. If you don’t know where you tank lid is, we can find it for you, and we will help you make out a schedule for routine maintenance. For more information, call us today at (979) 245-5656.