Increase Efficiency And Sanitation With A Sludge Dewatering Box

No matter what type of business or facility you own, taking care of all the waste that is produced is something that is a very important issue. Waste, which usually takes the form of sludge, can take up a lot of room, and be difficult to dispose of. It also has the potential to seep into the soil, or water, and can produce very foul odors, causing contamination problems. If you want to make your waste disposal process easier to manage, then setting up a sludge dewatering box at your site is a great idea.

What Is A Sludge Dewatering Box?

A sludge dewatering box is a system that transforms a tankful of sludge into a comparatively small amount of solid waste. In the past, sludge has been difficult to handle and dispose of. Even though it is mostly comprised of water, it cannot be dumped in the sewers, because of the toxins it contains. A sludge dewatering box is a perfect solution that saves a lot of time and effort in the waste disposal process. This system removes all the water from the sludge, and leaves behind the solid waste that has been filtered out. This solid waste includes all the grease that would otherwise clog up sewers, and contaminate drinking water. The water is treated until it is safe to let it run out into the sewers.

Getting Your Own Dewatering Box

Having your own dewatering box offers numerous benefits. It is easy to maintain, and requires very little direct supervision. Owning and operating one will save you a lot of money. Depending on your business, and how much you plan on using the sludge dewatering system, you can get a box that is either static or mobile. You might also decide to add a new revenue stream to your business, and provide dewatering services to other companies. We provide different-sized dewatering boxes, and a can help you choose the one that it right for your needs.