Making the Most Out of Your Dewatering Container

A dewatering container is a system that is used to reduce the amount of waste that is produced by a residential or commercial building. It has a lot of benefits, including the fact that it makes it much easier to dispose of waste, and that it is far more sanitary that some other disposal methods. If you are interested in getting a dewatering container and want to know how you can get the most advantages out of having one, then here are some ideas.

Rent Out Your Unit

After you have purchased a dewatering container, have gotten it set up and have learned the ins and outs of using it from a professional representative, then you may want to consider renting out your unit to others. By processing their waste for them, converting gallons of sludge into sewerable water and a small amount of dry solids, you can bring in some extra income. In addition, you can make connections and help out the environment.

Should You Get a Portable or a Stationary Unit?

A dewatering container can either be stationary, or it can be moved from place to place. The type you get will depend largely on the size of your business facility and whether or not you plan to rent it out to others. Having a portable dewatering container is a lifesaver if your business facility is spread out over a wide area.

Proper Maintenance

While using a dewatering box is pretty easy, there are a few pieces of equipment that you might consider getting, in order to make it safer to take care of. A heavy-duty aluminum working platform is portable but sturdy. It allows you to monitor the inside of the unit. A splash guard may also be desirable. Check out these items and get more information about dewatering containers at