The Benefits of the Aqua-Zyme Liquid Waste Disposal System

If you are paying too much money for waste disposal, treating the waste yourself may be a good option. In fact, you could cut your operating expenses drastically, depending on your needs. Aqua-Zyme can provide you with a complete liquid waste disposal system, that has everything you need to treat liquid waste at your location. Here are some of the many benefits you will enjoy.

Treatment Costs

If you pay a company to haul off your sludge or grease trap waste, they have to remove it from your property, and then either treat it themselves, or pay someone else to treat and dispose of the waste material. If you take care of the treatment process yourself, you can greatly reduce your costs.

The Benefits of Dewatering

When you have an Aqua-Zyme liquid waste disposal system, your waste is separated into solids and water. The dewatering unit filters out impurities, and the liquid left behind can be drained into a standard sewer drainage system.

Solid Waste Disposal

The solids can be taken to a landfill for disposal. In some cases, they might be suitable for use in fertilizing crops. After filtration, solids can easily pass a paint filter test, so there are no problems with landfill disposal. Emptying your solid waste is simple because our dewatering units are designed for roll-off delivery and pickup.

Portable Dewatering vs Drying Beds

Drying beds are commonly used for dewatering sludge. However, drying bed systems take up a lot of land space, and they are labor intensive. A portable or stationary dewatering system takes less labor and comparatively very little space.

Our dewatering system is faster than drying bed methods. In fact, a single plex unit can process as much as four hundred and fifty gallons per minute.

Extra Income

With an Aqua-Zyme liquid waste disposal system, you can process waste for others. This can give you the extra income you need for your business. Call (979) 245-5656 today for more information.