Top Four Warning Signs That It Is Time to Drain Your Septic Tank

Depending on the tank’s size, the average household septic tank can last for two-or-three years between draining. Each routine service appointment costs a few hundred dollars. Draining the tank more frequently isn’t technically a problem, but it is a waste of money. This quick guide will tell you when it is time to call Aqua-Zyme for septic plumbing services:

1. Bad Odors

The first and most obvious sign of a backed up septic tank is an unpleasant odor lingering throughout the house and possibly outside near where the tank is located. This could mean that the sludge is no longer being broken down by bacteria, and is beginning to back up into your household pipes. At the first sign of a bad odor, call septic plumbing services to see if you need to have the sludge drained from the tank.

2. Garbage Disposal Problem

If you garbage disposal is connected to your septic tank, this could result in the tank needing to be drained more frequently. If you experience problems with your garbage disposal outside of plumbing or electrical failures, check and see if the septic tank is the problem.

3. Septic Tank Monitors

You can buy monitors which will tell you the levels of sludge, scum, or grease in your septic tank, and when they are reaching critical levels. Some monitors even have alarm features. Although these monitors are generally used for commercial purposes, they can work for residential use too, particularly if there are a large amount of people in your house.

4. Stagnant Water

Some stagnant water after a heavy rainfall is normal, but if it is concentrated around the area where the septic tank is located and doesn’t drain naturally after rainfall, it could be a sign of a rupture or overflow. Some solid waste might also have clogged the pipes and caused water to rise to the surface.

By keeping an eye on the conditions of your septic tank, remembering how long it can last between maintenance visits, and taking action at the first sign of trouble, your tank can function properly without any expensive problems.