Waste Disposal Companies: Providing Efficient Sewage and Waste Processing

When your business needs to dispose of sewage water and waste materials, waste disposal companies provide specialized services designed to remove waste efficiently. At Aqua-Zyme, we provide liquid waste dewatering services that separate waste solids for disposal and send the excess water to be treated in local plants.

The Waste Dewatering Process
To decrease the amount of solid and sludge waste in the disposal process, liquid components are separated and drained from the disposal container. Solids are compressed by specialized disposal machines, separating wastewater for removal. The water can then be treated separately as part of sewage treatment. Once the solids are separated, their volume decreases, making them easier to manage and dispose.

At Aqua-Zyme, we can assist you with both solid and liquid waste disposal. Our waste disposal experts have over two decades of experience treating liquid and solid waste, as well as operating waste disposal equipment. Our equipment is also available for rental so your business can supervise and conduct the entire process.

Benefits of Waste Disposal
Hiring a premier provider among waste disposal companies can increase the efficiency of your company’s waste removal process. Removing liquid by-products decreases the density and volume of waste, making it easier to transport and clean. Separating liquids reduces the overall amount of emissions produced in the disposal process, as well as the total amount of solid waste to be disposed. When less solids are produced, you will have a reduced disposal cost in the long run.

Dewatering also reduces the overall time needed during the waste disposal process. During the separation process, our liquid removal equipment removes waste water at a rate of 450 gallons per minute, reducing the time spent on removal while maximizing the amount of treatable waste water. The equipment operates on its own with little need for maintenance, which cuts overall time and labor costs. You only have to handle the final disposal details.

Aqua-Zyme can reduce your business’s overall waste output in a proper manner. Your excess waste and garbage will be properly treated and disposed, with the majority of liquid waste being treated as sewage.