Why Biosolids Dewatering is Important

Dewatering, seems like something that should be simple but can be incredibly complicated and, even expensive. Biosolids dewatering especially has concerns as the material is typically destined for landfill, and when sludge needs to be separated into liquid and solid forms for easy removal or storage. Using our service can make dewatering easy, affordable, even profitable. Here are a few more reasons why biosolids dewatering with Aqua-Zyme is important:

1. Disposal Costs

Landfill sites and corporate liquid disposal sites tend to carry heavy fines for disposal of liquid. By dewatering before you take waste the landfill, you can keep those costs down.

Pass the Filter Test

Biosolids dewatering can help you to pass the ‘paint filter test’ used at most landfills. According to the EPA, this test involves putting material into a paint filter and seeing if anything passes through the filter during a five minute testing period. Dewatering can help bring materials down to levels of around 18-22-percent solids.

2. Fast Dewatering

Dewatering through our company is fast. A singleplex unit can pass through 450 gallons of water per minute, and a multiplex unit can pass through even more.

3. Profit Making

Separating biosolids isn’t just an important part of waste management. You can use the process to turn a profit too. You can manage liquid waste for other companies, or re-sell the leftover sludge to the agriculture or composting industries. It can make up a nice piece of side income, make the most out of your waste materials, and help the environment all at the same time!

4. Safety

Disposing of waste material is a concern in industries where it could potentially contain harmful substances that could work their way into drinking water. Dewatering, and separating out the harmful particles means that the leftover liquid is safe to be disposed into a sewer with no risk to the environment, or to drinking water. The sludge is also treated before it is re-sold for use in agriculture or composting.

By using our dewatering systems, you can dispose of your waste liquid safely and cost effectively, pass all environmental tests, re-purpose the sludge for later use, and even turn a profit from your waste materials. Contact us today to learn more!