One-Stop Solution for All Your Biosolids Dewatering Requirements in Matagorda

There are many advantages of biosolids dewatering. Removing the water from your waste before disposing of it can significantly reduce its volume, making it much cheaper to dispose of. Using our sludge dewatering services means that the residue will pass the standard “paint filter test,” as well as reduce the amount of undesirable compounds present such as fats or grease (FOG) and total suspended solids (TSS).

Dewatering Units Can Be Static or Mobile

Many businesses find that a static dewatering unit works well on site. This is particularly true when they only have one place of operation, and use the unit as part of their production process. For other companies, a mobile unit is more appropriate; they can be moved from site-to-site as required. We stock both types, enabling organizations to either invest in a suitable system, or take advantage of the rental options that we offer with our liquid sludge hauling services.

Our Biosolids Dewatering Units Are Cost-Effective and Easy to Maintain

All our units are created from premium materials, and are built to last. Designed to be easy to set-up and operate our units require little in the way of maintenance, and do not need a large support staff to operate. The water that is extracted from the waste is safe to drain into the sewer. Our systems are able high volumes of liquid waste.

Matagorda Biosolids Dewatering Units Offer Excellent Value-for-Money

Our liquid sludge hauling services save you money when compared to your current waste disposal arrangements. By setting up a system where waste is dewatered, and flocculation is encouraged, it is possible to quickly create a cost-effective waste disposal solution. A growing number of companies are opting to buy a unit, and then sell their disposal services to others. To find out more about the opportunities that sludge dewatering services can bring, call us at (979) 245-5656.