Composting Process

As the saying goes, “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure!” That’s certainly true of sludge and slurry, which can be processed to create nutrient-rich compost that’s perfect for sports turf, commercial fruit & vegetable enterprises, landscaping and much more. Whether you are trying to dispose of unwanted waste through compost processing, or you wish to purchase high-grade compost for your business, we can help.

Personalized Service for the Composting Process

Once waste has been dewatered, it can be easily recycled into beneficial compost. We use a special polymer that helps the waste particles stick together more easily (enhanced flocculation) during the dewatering process. This results in a high yield of compost that can then be re-used elsewhereIn addition to removing businesses waste, and processing it, we also sell all the necessary equipment for you to do this yourself.

A Good Composting Process is Important

Finding a system that enables you to dispose of waste conveniently and efficiently, particularly when it can then be turned into a marketable product, makes for good business sense. We are happy to advise on the type of equipment that would work best for your venture, as well as provide assistance and advice for instillation.

One-Stop Composting Process and Much More in Matagorda

We have been providing dewatering, composting, and waste disposal options to local businesses since 1976, using proven technology to efficiently recycle water into the sewage system and disposing of the remaining waste efficiently, often in the form of compost. To find out more about our composting process, and discover how it could work for your organization, call us at (979) 245-5656.