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Waste processing is essential for virtually every organization. Whether you are a larger company that is currently considering how to deal with waste, economically and conveniently, or are a waste-disposal business that is eager to maximize profitability, our innovative sludge dewatering equipment will be of interest to you. Designed to cope with significant volumes of waste, while at the same time being straightforward to operate, our septic dewatering equipment offers a complete answer to waste disposal.

Dewatering Container, Filters and Other Equipment Available Here

Our system works by combining your waste with a polymer within a mixing container. This results in the particles of solid waste sticking together more firmly (enhanced flocculation). The water from the waste then drains away and, is of suitable quality for processing in the municipal sewage treatment system. The remaining solid waste is extremely dry and satisfies the requirements for disposal in your local landfill.

Sludge Dewatering Box Can Save You Money

Our innovative dewatering boxes can be operated by a very small workforce, offering a significant reduction in labor costs over other methods. The equipment is designed to be low maintenance, and is built to last. Rather than being a static system, all our equipment can be easily transported to where it’s needed. A dewatering roll-off box is a great option if you are a mobile operator or a company that requires waste disposal from several different sites.

Experienced Sludge Dewatering Equipment Suppliers

We have been in the business of providing efficient, effective dewatering equipment for years, offering all our customers a method of processing waste that is cheaper, more energy-efficient, and greener than many other systems. The advantages of dewatering equipment extend far beyond cost savings: there are also significant environmental and safety benefits! To find out more about how our dewatering equipment works, or to discuss your requirements with us, call Aqua-Zyme dewatering equipment suppliers now at (979) 245-5656.