AquaZyme Disposal Systems and AquaZyme Services

Vacuum TrucksThe ADS Waste Disposal System is completely shop assembled and, upon delivery, is ready for installation. It is something that companies and organizations will always have to contend with. Collections of sewage and disposal methods are two services that must be provided to residents and businesses. Quite often, those disposal costs can escalate for businesses.

At Aqua Zyme Disposal Systems Inc., we approach this challenge by offering two business services. First, we sell and rent sludge dewatering equipment for entities like wastewater plants and city water departments. We also work with septic and grease trap pumping companies that are privately owned.

Second, we provide grease trap pumping, portable restroom rentals, debris hauling and disposal, and sludge hauling services.

Dewatering Equipment Suppliers

What remains unique about our company is that we sell the equipment and use the dewatering equipment daily. Equipment is usually in stock and can be shipped within two weeks – often within days of placing the order. As one of the trusted sludge dewatering equipment suppliers, with over 20 years of experience, we know a thing or two about dewatering. We operate and own threes disposal sites in Texas. Our dewatering equipment gives companies control over their own liquid disposal, allowing them to reduce their amount of waste and lower costs. Our customers may even choose to use their equipment to process the waste of other companies.

Liquid Waste Disposal

If your company needs a solution for waste management, we have it. As it stands, we have the dewatering expertise and experience processing grease traps and sludge that can give you the solutions you need.

Call us today at 979.245.5656 to find out how we can serve your waste disposal needs. Upon request, our dewatering facility in Van Vleck, Texas is open to visitors who want to view ADS equipment in operation. Our services will be invaluable to you. Let our team help provide a waste disposal solution for you.