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What remains unique about our company is that we sell the equipment and use the dewatering equipment daily. Equipment is usually in stock and can be shipped within two weeks- often within days of placing the order.

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Aqua-Zyme is your premier source for quality dewatering equipment and accessories that allow companies to successfully perform biosolids dewatering, grease trap dewatering, and septic dewatering services on-site. When compared to drying beds or filter presses, our dewatering equipment involves a lower initial capital investment, along with reduced operating and labor costs. This process helps greatly lower the weight of your liquid waste—effectively reducing the frequency of trips you need to take to the landfill or composting site. Efficiency, cost savings, and flexibility make our roll-off dewatering equipment a worthy investment for many industries, including petrochemical, food and beverage, industrial waste, paper production, and textiles.

Our dewatering containers use a chemical treatment method to successfully separate liquid from solids in the waste, making the reject water safe enough to be drained in a public sewer. An Aqua-Zyme system can even contribute to reductions in FOG, TSS, BOD, and COD rates. All residual solids processed through our dewatering equipment will also pass the “Paint Filter Test”, with repetitive levels of 18% to 22% solids

Highly capable and versatile, our dewatering equipment can be operated in both stationary and mobile applications, with a processing rate of up to 450 gallons per minute. Depending on your anticipated wasted production, we offer our units for purchase or for rent, with 15 cubic yard singleplex and 30 cubic yard configurations.

Dedicated to providing quality dewatering equipment that can save your business thousands on operational costs annually, Aqua-Zyme Disposal Equipment is a smart choice for processing liquid waste quickly and easily. Call us today to learn more, or browse our services today!

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The ADS Waste Disposal System is completely shop assembled and, upon delivery, is ready for installation. It is something that companies and organizations will always have to contend with. Collections of sewage and disposal methods are two services that must be provided to residents and businesses. Quite often, those disposal costs can escalate for businesses.  What remains unique about our company is that we sell the equipment and use the dewatering equipment daily.

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