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What remains unique about our company is that we sell the equipment and use the dewatering equipment daily. Equipment is usually in stock and can be shipped within two weeks- often within days of placing the order.

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Industries like construction, biosolids treatment, water transfer, and waste management all rely on dewatering equipment to minimize the weight and volume of their semi-solid waste. Since disposal services determine cost based on weight, leaving the water in can double or even triple the cost of removing and treating the waste. This is where Aqua-Zyme dewatering equipment comes in. Available to rent, lease, or purchase, our dewatering equipment helps businesses gain control of their disposal costs, reduce the overall volume and weight of disposable waste, and even generate supplemental income. By processing other companies’ waste and seeking other dewatering opportunities such as P.O.T.W. industrial, agricultural or composting of solid wastes, your initial investment in dewatering equipment will pay for itself and more in a very short amount of time.

How does our equipment work? We offer both 15-cubic yard and 30-cubic yard roll-off dewatering units for mobile and stationary use. Customers looking to do anything from dewatering cement, to minimizing the weight and volume of biosolid waste invest in our dewatering systems. How it all works is simple. Just connect the waste line to a polymer mixing unit, then attach the mixing unit directly to the dewatering container. Our specialized polymer mixer solution actively injects flocculating agents into the waste on its way to the main dewatering container. These agents act to separate and clump the solids within the waste, and improve the speed of separation between the liquid and solid waste. Once the waste enters the dewatering container, it is run through specialized filters allowing the solids to remain in the box and the water to be drained through the drain ports and be directed back to the head of your  treatment plant.  The remaining sludge can then sit for 24 hours allowing continued filtration of the water from the solids. After this amount of time the sludge will pass the paint filter test required by most landfills and sludge disposal sites.

Companies love Aqua-Zyme dewatering systems for their simple design, exceptional performance, and on-site convenience. Your business will require less runs to the landfill, and eliminate any headaches associated with landfills and large corporate liquid disposal companies. Investing in dewatering equipment helps autonomize your disposal process and greatly improve the overall efficiency and associated costs.

Aqua-Zyme is dedicated to helping businesses maximize their professional waste removal efforts. Headquartered in Van Vleck, Texas we are available to consult with you today to assist with your dewatering needs. Call us today at 979-245-5656 or email us at zymme@aqua-zyme.com.

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The ADS Waste Disposal System is completely shop assembled and, upon delivery, is ready for installation. It is something that companies and organizations will always have to contend with. Collections of sewage and disposal methods are two services that must be provided to residents and businesses. Quite often, those disposal costs can escalate for businesses.  What remains unique about our company is that we sell the equipment and use the dewatering equipment daily.

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